What masks are most popular on Halloween?

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What masks are most popular on Halloween?

Want to scare the neighbors on Halloween? Here’s a trick for you – put on a mask and dress up as billions of dollars of big cheater Bernard Madoff, Vampire President Barack Obama or the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

According to Halloween clothing vendors, the rubber masks of the three men are the most popular among Americans. With the arrival of Halloween on October 31, people suffering from the economic crisis can’t wait to relax and play tricks like “trick or treat” on Halloween night.

Although this ancient Celtic pagan custom was originally a children’s playful festival, it now gives adults an additional reason to play, on this day to dress up as their favorite ghost image and make a scene like a child. Halloween was originally a holiday to honor the dead and celebrate the end of the harvest season.

Jim Moore, marketing director of Costumesupercenter.com, a Halloween apparel sales website, said Halloween was “a good medicine out of the economic crisis”.

Diane Lake, one of the owners of an economic party supplies and accessories company in the suburbs of the US capital, said: “On this day, people can escape reality, dress up, dress up as others, spend 50 dollars or less for fun.”

The masks of popular politicians are always very popular, and the latest series of “zombies” and vampires in popular culture are also selling well.