Rriefly describes the application of silicone rubber

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Classification and properties of silica gel

Rriefly describes the application of silicone rubber

So far, silicone rubber has been indispensably used as a sealant, adhesive, and insulating protective coating in key parts and core parts of various fields in China, both in civilian and military production. The irreplaceable role, and its research involves the cross-disciplinary content of chemistry, mechanics, mechanics, testing, etc., so it is urgent to conduct in-depth research in universities and research institutes to further improve its performance and expand the application field. Can be done from the following aspects:

(1) In the field of chemical industry, research on the mechanical properties and preparation mechanism of silicone rubber and its vulcanized silicone rubber, such as silicone rubber in the process of large temperature range change, why the internal lattice structure changes, while the mechanical properties remain Constant, its good ductility, elastoplasticity acquisition mechanism.

(2) In the field of mechanical seals, especially the treatment of silicone rubber and vulcanized silica surface used in core components of China, such as vulcanized silica gel used in missile seals in China, once disassembled, the vulcanization adhered to the surface of its parts The silica gel cannot be removed, resulting in the overall disposal of the connected parts. Therefore, the cleaning and decontamination reagents of silicone rubber, especially the vulcanized silica gel, should be prepared as soon as possible to achieve sealing and its function as an anti-fouling coating.

(3) How to further reduce the cost, improve its overall performance and reduce costs through further integration with other reinforcing, toughening and plasticizing materials, such as the room temperature of imported Momentive Company used in China’s railway bearing seals Sulfurized silica gel is as high as US$30/500g, which greatly limits the application of high quality vulcanized silica gel in our core components.