Halloween mask making method

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Halloween mask making method

Materials to be prepared for making masks:

A paper tote bag, a white A3 paper, a black cloth, a pencil, a red marker, and a pair of scissors.

Steps to make a scary mask:

1. Look for a paper tote bag, A3 white paper is attached to the inside, because the hardness and softness of the tote bag are relatively moderate, the mask is not easy to break;
2. Find the right position and draw the outline of the eyes, nose and mouth;
3. Cut the eyes out of the two holes on the contours of the painted eyes;
4. Cut two pointed teeth with white paper, stick them on your mouth, and paint your mouth red;
5. Draw a pattern on the mask that you think is horrible or disgusting (of course, you can also draw the pattern you like);
6. On both sides of the eye, find a location to cut two small holes, take the rope of the hand strap and tie it on the cut hole, and use it to fix the rope of the mask;
7. Find a black cloth and use a needle to sew it onto the mask paper, such as the packaging cloth inside the tea box. (If it’s not a black cloth, it’s better to blacken the cloth with black ink, because the black cloth has the best horror effect.)