The purpose and significance of rubber blending

Improve rubber performance and / or processing properties The main purpose of rubber blending is to improve the performance of existing rubber. For example, natural rubber is widely used because of its good comprehensive mechanical properties and processing properties, but its thermal aging resistance, ozone aging resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance are not good. Most synthetic rubbers have poor processing properties and unsatisfactory mechanical properties, which often cause difficulties in production. These synthetic rubbers are blended with natural rubber […]

Why do you wear a mask for Halloween?

The costumes of Halloween originated from the rituals of the Yin Festival. The participants slaughtered the animals and put them on the skin of the animals. In addition, the various masks worn by the participants were originally designed to escape the evil spirits and have also been passed down. In ancient times, if there were droughts or other major disasters, people would wear ugly masks because they were afraid of the evil spirits that were still swimming outside at night. […]

Color printing blister mask details

Color printing blister mask: The general name of the blister mask made by combining the two methods of blister (vacuum thermoforming) and color printing (offset printing or screen printing) with the corresponding mask mold. The main advantages of color printing blister masks are light weight, convenient transportation, meeting the requirements of environmentally friendly green production masks; capable of producing any special-shaped products, easy to operate; the products produced can be freely changed in appearance, strong in three-dimensional sense, realistic in […]

Halloween mask making method

Materials to be prepared for making masks: A paper tote bag, a white A3 paper, a black cloth, a pencil, a red marker, and a pair of scissors. Steps to make a scary mask: 1. Look for a paper tote bag, A3 white paper is attached to the inside, because the hardness and softness of the tote bag are relatively moderate, the mask is not easy to break; 2. Find the right position and draw the outline of the eyes, […]

What is silica gel? What is the composition of silica gel?

Usually, it is difficult to notice the existence of silica gel, but silica gel is widely used in various places of our lives, household appliances, precision instruments, clothing leather, food, medicines, etc. Silicone has so many uses, so what material is it made of? The following small series will explain to you what the main components of silica gel are. Silica gel can be divided into: large pore silica gel, B silica gel, coarse pore silica gel, fine pore silica […]

Rubber product production _ the relationship between the structure and properties of vulcanizate

The polysulfide crosslink bond has the lowest bond energy and the carbon-carbon crosslink bond has the highest bond energy. he ordinary vulcanization system, that is, the multi-sulfur cross-linking bond has the strongest tensile strength, and the radiation vulcanization has the lowest tensile strength, that is, the strength of the tensile strength is opposite to the size of the bond energy. The phenomenon of high energy and low strength is related to the chemical characteristics and deformation characteristics of the cross-linking […]

Classification and properties of silica gel

21st century silica gel is becoming more and more popular because of its environmental performance. Nowadays, more and more other materials on the market have been replaced by silicone products. To understand the knowledge of silica gel, we must start with silicone raw materials. 1.according to performance points, can be divided into ordinary silica gel and meteorological silica gel; Ordinary silica gel Color: translucent, milky white, light yellow, gray, etc. Hardness: 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, etc., commonly used between […]

Rriefly describes the application of silicone rubber

So far, silicone rubber has been indispensably used as a sealant, adhesive, and insulating protective coating in key parts and core parts of various fields in China, both in civilian and military production. The irreplaceable role, and its research involves the cross-disciplinary content of chemistry, mechanics, mechanics, testing, etc., so it is urgent to conduct in-depth research in universities and research institutes to further improve its performance and expand the application field. Can be done from the following aspects: (1) […]

Method for manufacturing flame retardant rubber products

Methods for making flame-retardant rubber products With the exception of a few synthetic rubbers, most synthetic rubber products, like natural rubber, are flammable or combustible materials. At present, the method of adding a flame retardant or a flame retardant filler and the blending modification with a flame retardant material are mainly used to improve. Method for manufacturing flame retardant rubber products With the exception of a few synthetic rubbers, most synthetic rubber products, like natural rubber, are flammable or combustible […]

What masks are most popular on Halloween?

Want to scare the neighbors on Halloween? Here’s a trick for you – put on a mask and dress up as billions of dollars of big cheater Bernard Madoff, Vampire President Barack Obama or the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. According to Halloween clothing vendors, the rubber masks of the three men are the most popular among Americans. With the arrival of Halloween on October 31, people suffering from the economic crisis can’t wait to relax and play tricks […]